Anonymous: Where are you from?


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tonight i have to sleep at work, which means i sleep with 16 little kids in a very small room.

sounds so pedo xD

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Anonymous: what's your favorite anime? C:

i looooove pokemon. but i also like digimon/digital monsters a lot!

…watamote is also one of my favorites because i can identify myself so much with tomoko xD

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Anonymous: what kind of music do you like?

woow so many asks the last days! c:
i’m a huge marilyn manson fan. 
but i don’t have a typical genre i prefer.
i like stuff like slipknot or nirvana, but i also like japanese stuff like kyary pamyu pamyu or vocaloid.

at the moment i listen a lot to igorrr.

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skexxsmadness: Love the background music!

wow, thank you!! °o°

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Anonymous: Lol!!! Why you hate facebook?

because i’m not a big fan of social networks. i think it’s sad how humans are influenced by peer pressure. a lot of people try to find friends online by randomly writing with them, but in the end they only write 2 messages or something and never hear of each other. i don’t want to waist my time or the time of other people. i’m also not a good friend, so it’s better for the most people. sure, i also found friends online, but i don’t want to search for them when i have some few good friends in real life with whom i could do something at the same time. i use tumblr more to express myself or to talk with people about my interests.

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Anonymous: What is the thing that you hate mostly?

if you mean what i hate the most, it’s the society. so much idiots who don’t care about our planet.
…i also hate facebook

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Anonymous: What's your favorite animal?

uuuagh that’s hard. i like realy a lot of animals. i love axolotl, jellyfishes, cats, capybaras… oh and sugar gliders ♥3♥ i also like caterpillars a lot x3

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